Who we are.

Connecting you to your best self.


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Who we are

Founded by Alison Kingston and Michael Mulcahy when they joined forces in 2020, bringing together 15 years of experience working with clients. Sadly Alison passed away in January 2022. 


Alison and Michael shared the same passion and values for supporting and helping their clients, by creating a unique offering combining advanced wellness technology with ancient healing methods.


Also sharing the same vision of creating a unique wellness centre utilizing wellness technology at its core, giving clients a unique and deeply relaxing experience on their healing journey. Michael, with Alison’s energetic guidance continues to work on developing the advanced wellness technology centre, to bring it into reality and fulfill their shared vision and also in honour of Alison and the shining light she is for people. 


We believe in a whole-person approach to health. 

We believe that each individual has their own unique healing journey that deserves a compassionate and open-minded approach.

We are passionate about educating and empowering our clients to understand their mind and body so they can take the steps to best serve them.

We also believe in seeing the lighter side of ourselves and our health challenges. Finding the gifts in them and being gentle on ourselves while on the journey to better health.


Specialised Kinesiologist, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain Trainer, NES Practitioner

Who am I

Feeling frustrated and angry with yourself and your life situation? Doing your best to keep your bright side out in social situations? I understand your situation and what is going on for you. 


Suffering from severe anxiety from early childhood and then adding on top of that severe sleep issues, I spent a lot of my early life living in anger and frustration with myself and life. To an extent at times, contemplating was my life worth living.


Then when I became a Dad, it felt like I didn’t sleep for the 1st 16 months of my son Eoghain’s life. I will always remember the day my partner Brighid and I said, “wow we feel like normal people again”. This was after we got a week of unbroken sleep when Eoghain finally started to sleep through the night. We felt like new people, more happy, more calm, truly able to enjoy quality time with Eoghain, instead of feeling frustrated and irritable most of the time. It felt like getting our FREEDOM back.


It was in my mid 30’s when I was on a self discovery/desperate to find a solution for my anxiety journey in India in 2007, that I understood what was the source of my anxiety. When I was 2 my mother died 2 months after my sister’s birth, due to complications after her birth. This was when my security and safety net was taken away from me. 


When my anxiety started at the age of 12 and for the next 30 years, it was all about not feeling safe and secure in myself. Any situation that triggered my anxiety, it was when I did not feel safe. My worst anxiety experience was when I was 16 years old. For the next 25 years, I was always triggered back to this experience. Any situation I went into, I was always afraid would my anxiety attack be as bad as the time when I was 16. 


I never told anybody about my struggles. Mental Health was never heard of in the early 90’s. I didn’t tell anybody in my family as I did not know what was happening to me, how could I explain it to them. Growing up in Ireland in the 90’s was a very different landscape to what it is now.  


I struggled through my teens, 20’s and 30’s. Tried different talk therapies but nothing helped. To get through social situations I turned to alcohol to cope with it. 2007 was when something drastic had to change, it was when I took off to India on that journey of self discovery/desperate to find a solution for my anxiety.


Over the following years, I took a few journeys to India to help find a solution to my Anxiety. On one of these journeys in 2015 was when my life started to transform, it is when I discovered Neuroptimal Neurofeedback Brain Training. This was the start of my journey to FREEDOM from Anxiety.  


While in India I did 10 sessions of Neuroptimal Neurofeedback. When I came back to Ireland I really noticed the difference in me. There were small changes, but powerful changes for me, I could feel my confidence was gradually growing, I was putting myself in situations I was not before. 


Back in Ireland I continued Neuroptimal Neurofeedback brain training sessions. In 2016 I invested in my own Neuroptimal Neurofeedback system. As I continued training my brain and nervous system to bring it back into regulation, I got to feel what life was like for “normal people”. I grew up wishing I could be normal just like everybody else. Now I was getting to experience what a normal life felt like.


I was beginning to discover what my true calling was in life. I knew I had found an amazing tool that I had to share with people. In 2014 I had qualified as a Kinesiologist and had started to work with people in clinic part time. I started to introduce Neuroptimal Neurofeedback to people and they too had amazing changes in their lives. This gave me the encouragement to continue on this path. 


By mid 2018 my anxiety had gone. It took that long for me due to the length of time I was experiencing anxiety and it was so hardwired in my brain. Neurofeedback is breaking up these hardwired patterns in the brain, telling the brain there is a better way to be. A better way of living life. 


In August 2018 my son Eoghain was born. I thought my life was busy before that, then it went to another level of busy. Working a full time job in the Corporate world in various IT roles, it was not where my passion was. I was continuing to build my client base part-time while in a fulltime job. 


Then in September 2019 I took the leap of faith. I started working full time in my clinic helping people, and I have not looked back since. Over the years I have seen amazing changes in people’s lives, both children and adults. It is so heartwarming particularly to see what changes children achieve in their lives after Neuroptimal Neurofeedback sessions. Going from crippling anxiety to happy children, the way a child should be. 


I have worked with Adults with Chronic Insomnia for years with no prospect of having a normal life or work life, getting back to working full time within 12 weeks of starting sessions and sleeping throughout the night. Many people have got their Freedom and Confidence back. Just like me, I have my Freedom and Confidence back thanks to Neuroptimal Neurofeedback.


In March 2021 my daughter Tara was born. Thankfully she has been a dream, sleeping through the night since she was 6 months old. I have a lot to be thankful and grateful for in my life, 2 beautiful children Tara and Eoghain, a beautiful life partner in Brighid, a beautiful home, our 4 chickens that give us fresh eggs every day and the opportunity to follow my passions for helping people just like who I was before I discovered Neuroptimal Neurofeedback brain training. 


Although I am over my anxiety and sleep issues, I still do Neuroptimal Neurofeedback brain training sessions regularly. This is for peak brain performance and maintaining brain health. As the owner of a busy business, it helps me to stay focused and be present to help my clients. It also helps with a busy family life.    


As I write this, I am hooked up to the Neurofeedback system training my brain. 


If you would like to learn more about attending clinic sessions for Neuroptimal Neurofeedback brain training or rent a home Neuroptimal Neurofeedback system, that you and your whole family can use, click over to my website https://mindbodied.com/what-is-neurofeedback/ or email michael@mindbodied.com 


If you would like to have a chat, that’s no problem, call me on +353 89 237 6673


BA Hons Dip NT mNTOI
Nutritional Therapy and NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain Trainer.

Alison’s Health Journey

My health journey begins in my childhood. I experienced lots of anxiety as a child and it continued into my teens and adulthood.

In suffering from this, I developed a keen interest in nutrition and natural health solutions. I completed my honours degree in Exercise and Health studies in 2007. I continued my studies over the following 3 years in Nutritional Therapy. Once my clinical hours were complete I started my private practice.

I had several intense periods of depression and insomnia in my early 20’s and 30’s. I was so fortunate to find therapies and modalities that helped me recover. Neurofeedback was a game-changer for my anxiety, depression and poor sleep pattern. I feel so blessed to share this incredible modality alongside my nutritional therapy.

My passion for health and wellness continued in 2015/2016 where I added Eating Psychology to my skill set. Eating Psychology gave me the coaching and counselling skills to support my clients to explore all aspects of their lives, and how these might be affecting their health challenges.

I have continued to update my knowledge and I am always learning about the best health solutions to use with my clients.

In the last 2 years, I have discovered two remarkable health tools. One is a light therapy stem cell enhancing patch which I use to support clients to heal quickly from injuries and wounds.

The other is a remarkable neurofeedback brain training system that helped my own health significantly.

I am now a qualified trainer for NeurOptimal and I am delighted to offer this unique brain training to my clients.

I believe we live in extremely challenging times and we, therefore, need to take full advantage of the incredible transformational technologies available to us.