What can be having a damaging effect on our health without us even knowing?

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Health & Wellness


Electromagnetic Frequencies that are being radiated from all electronic devices that are now part of our daily life. A lot of the time we may even be using these devices to track our health, monitor our sleep and keep connected with family and friends.

All the while these devices are having a negative impact on our health.

EMF’s are radiated from all types of Phones, Wifi Routers, Watches that use wifi and bluetooth to connect to a phone, or any devices that have wifi or bluetooth. We use these devices to track our sleep, which is the worst time to have these devices on or near our body. These devices disrupt our sleep cycles.

I have had clients who are suffering from Insomnia for years, and once they turned their phone to airplane mode at night, removed all types of sleep tracking devices, turned of their wifi routers at nighttime and any device that uses wifi and bluetooth, after 2-3 weeks their insomnia has gone.

This just shows how damaging they are to our health.

Other issues people may see due to effects of EMF’s:

  • Disrupted sleep
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Pain in joints and muscles
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Stomach and intestinal disorders
  • Behavioral changes
  • Effects on the nervous system
  • Impaired learning
  • Impaired fertility
  • Depressed immune system
  • Hormonal disturbance

There have been many studies over the years into the harmful effects mobile phones can have on people. The list above is just some of the effects.

Poor Safety Standards

To this day, the guidelines established in 1998 are still being used for testing the safety of mobile phones. As the technology of mobile phones and devices that emit EMF’s have advanced considerably since, standards that were setup 22 years ago for safety, have not been updated inline with technology.

It’s appalling the safety guidelines haven’t been updated to match the exponential increase in exposure to EMF’s. We are surrounded now everywhere we go with devices emitting EMF’s.

The fact is, when tested on the body with no separation from the head, 90% of all cell phones exceed the FCC radiation limits up to nine-fold. Apple carries warnings in their user guide, not to hold a phone with 5-8 inches of your body. Is that not alarming to you?

All while the average cell phone user uses a device for more than five hours in their daily lives. With the most vulnerable among us being our youth, children’s heads absorb up to two times the amount of radiation and their bone marrow upwards of 10 times those of adults.

Reducing your Exposure

To protect ourselves and our children who are more susceptible to the harmful effects of EMF’s, we need to reduce our exposure:

  • Best to turn of all devices at night time, wifi router, phones, ipads, computers
  • If using your phone as an alarm clock switch it to airplane mode
  • Remove health tracking watches that use bluetooth or wifi, particularly while sleeping
  • Do not charge your phone in your bed room
  • Carry your phone on your body as little as possible
  • Best to put your phone on airplane mode when not using it
  • Replace landline cordless phones with wired phones. Cordless phones are a big emitter of EMF’s
  • Use battery alarm clocks instead of electrical alarm clocks


There are chips or stickers that can be put on electronic devices that emit EMF’s to help reduce their harm, or pendants a person can wear. Below are 2 sites that these provide these:


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