Three tips for better energy and mood

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Health & Wellness

In my new video, I share my 3 nutrition and lifestyle tips for improving your energy levels and mood.


Hi there! Today I’m sharing three simple tips on how to improve your energy and your mood.

The first one is hydration. So look at, firstly, the drinks that you’re having that are dehydrating, which are coffee, tea, alcohol. So look at decreasing these and then increasing your water intake during the day.

And an added tip is to add a nice squeeze of lemon or lime into this water you’re having because the micro minerals support absorption into our cells. And also look at the type of water you’re having. If you’re having mains water, I’d recommend a really good filtration system to remove the fluoride and chlorine.

The second tip is to get more natural daylight. So even if it’s cloudy, we need this natural daylight to support optimal hormones that make us feel good and give us more energy.

And then at nighttime we need to be aware of screen-time, our phones, our computers. If we are on them, put on a filter so you reduce the blue light. And there’s also glasses that we can get that support blocking some of this blue light out. So this means that we can get a better quality night’s sleep that is vital for energy and mood.

And then the third is what I call my secret weapon is a herb called Rhodiola. So you can get this in your health shop, and this is a real support for nice release of energy during the day. It supports bringing down our stress hormone cortisol, and it naturally increases our happy hormone serotonin.

Okay, so thank you! Talk to you soon!