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Kids with Anxiety One Mums Journey


Neuroptimal Neurofeedback as recommended recently by a client on Cork’s 96FM The Opinion Line Radio show. Caz tells her story about how Neuroptimal Neurofeedback has helped change her 2 kids lives and overcome their anxiety.


To listen to the recording of the interview, click on the image on the left or CLICK HERE.





Leslie had been suffering from chronic migraines, fatigue, anxiety and sleep issues for many years. After just a few sessions, she was able to come off her medication and she was sleeping much better. Click below to hear Leslie’s story.

Lasse has rented a Neuroptimal Neurofeedback system for 3 months and explaining in this video what amazing changes he has experience in his life by using it. I am grateful to Lasse for sharing his story.

In this video Dearbhla explains how using the Neuroptimal Neurofeedback system has been transformational for her sleep. Dearbhla has rented a Neuroptimal system from Mindbodied for over 3 months and it has been life changing for her. I am grateful to Dearbhla for sharing her story so people can see how life changing this wonderful technology is.


My son, out of the blue, last August,  developed what I would describe as severe anxiety.  His symptoms were both physical and non- physical to include crying, shaking, not eating, refusal to leave my side, feeling of wanting to vomiting to name but a few.

I would have to sit by his side every night for an hour or more  when he went to bed and tried to help him with breathing exercises and trying to put comforting thoughts into his head and in the mornings he would come into my bedroom at anytime between 5am and 6am and his first words to me were “ I’m nervous mom”.  Again, I would spend the morning reassuring him and trying to help him cope.

His anxiety was school related so you can imagine, five days of the week plus the Sunday, revolved around my son showing and expressing signs of anxiety in anticipation of the Monday. When I brought him to school in the car, he would scream and jump into the back of the car refusing to get out. He would shake and goosebumps would appear on his skin. He would cry uncontrollably. I cried, my poor little guy was going through something that I couldn’t solve. 

To say this was a terribly difficult time for not only my son but the whole family, would be an understatement. My daughter would ask “what’s wrong with him” and I had no answer for her. I didn’t know. My son didn’t know. We had no answers.

I reached out to a forum with other moms and asked for advice. I was desperate and wanted advice so badly.

Many moms recommended Michael from Mindbodied. I rang Michael and have never looked back since that day. Even writing this I am so grateful and relieved for Michael and his amazing work.

From the first appointment, Michael gave me hope. I left that appointment with the first glimmer of solving my sons anxiety and the relief was amazing.

We had 10 appointments with Michael and every week I would see a change in my son. From eating breakfast to not fearing school to myself and my husband going away for a weekend and my son not showing any sign of concern that I wouldn’t be with him.

Today, my son is confident, happy, outgoing and he hasn’t experienced anxiety in months.

I cannot thank Michael enough and I cannot recommend him enough.


Having used the Neurofeedback brain training, I can highly recommend it. It is a true game changer.


We had the at home package for 2 months, helped my daughter’s anxiety hugely , she has found her voice where as before would have kept everything in.


I started my neurofeedback journey about a year ago when I started a leave of absence of work due to an ongoing illness. This along with a life long battle with anxiety and depression had my mental health worn down, I was burnt out and sleeping about 18 hours a day with no relief. Neurofeedback started me on a healing journey that has included becoming more comfortable in myself in public, along with figuring out how to speak to myself in a kinder way and I went from thinking “I can’t” all the time to “I can” which has freed me from a negative outlook on life. Now doing it regularly gives me time out of my week to reflect and tune in to myself, something I was never able to do constructively. Looking back on my year of Neurofeedback therapy and seeing the positive impact its had is so encouraging for me and I can’t recommend it enough. 🙂


I started Neurofeedback with Michael in June. I had chronic migraines, fatigue, anxiety and sleep issues. I now no longer have chronic migraines, I am less tired and far more resilient. My anxiety has greatly reduced and my sleep has improved. I would highly recommend Neurofeedback with Michael to others.


I really appreciated the time and effort Michael took to show me how to use the machine and the support and care along the way.
Such a profound life changing journey.
The neurofeedback is very easy to use and the benefits are many, and they ripple into so many areas. To name just a few.
A sense of inner calm and contentment. Ability to make better choices. I really noticed situations that would have been Big triggers before simply weren’t, it was incredible to observe how upset and emotional I would have been before the neurofeedback in certain situations.
Very great full for this new lease of life.


For someone who has suffered from anxiety in their professional life, I have been doing neurofeedback now for over 20 sessions. Michael is great to work with, very knowledgeable, and has a kind ear.

The process itself has brought a lot up for me. I have seen some positive changes, such as the courage to put myself out there more in my professional life; I still have anxiety issues, but levels have dropped; I continue to do sessions but remain positive that I will experience more benefits going forward. But I would say everything takes time, so you have to go with the process and be patient. It’s always worth investing in your health.


Life changing experience working with Michael in Mindbodied. I have had several Neurofeedback sessions with him and I now feel incredibly calm, relaxed and in a good mood!


Brought my foster daughter to neurofeedback not knowing exactly what it was but was told it would benefit my foster daughter who is selective mute and didn’t show emotions and would freeze up a lot of the time.

The difference it has made to her confidence is absolutely amazing, she now reads in school, started dancing classes and hardly ever freezes up, she is like a different child and has started showing different emotions which is fantastic.

 I would 100% recommend neurofeedback it has worked wonders for my little girl and Michael is great to deal with.


I was new to brain training but honestly, it has really helped me in my process. Each session has been different for me… some weeks, I can feel the shift physically, other weeks my thought process is clearer or I get a really great night’s sleep for few days following session. The more sessions I do the better I am feeling in so many respects.

Michael is a kind and compassionate Therapist. He is easy to talk to and gives gentle tips or suggestions.

I would highly recommend brain training and Michael.

Abdoulaye Diop,

I rented a Neuroptimal Neurofeedback system from Michael for a month and a week.

Very quickly, in 4 sessions, I regained quality sleep, reduced my stress and improved my quality of life. Michael knows what he is talking about, he is one of the few in Ireland to offer the Neuroptimal Neurofeedback system.
Thanks !


When I initially approached Michael at the end of August 2019, to enquire if his Neuroptimal Neurofeedback brain training system could help my daughter, I was quite desperate. For some years she had been struggling with crippling anxiety, difficulty sleeping and concentrating, combined with issues around eating.

Having completed 16 sessions with Michael, the changes we see in Suzy are phenomenal. She is sleeping and eating normally and her grades at school reflect her ability to settle and concentrate. She has a sense of purpose, enthusiasm and optimism for life. In short, we have our daughter back. I can’t thank Michael enough and I wish him well in helping others.

R Walsh,

“I’ve been renting the Neuroptimal Neurofeedback system for the past three months and my severe anxiety around public speaking has improved significantly. This has been a huge benefit to me in my work. Michael has been extremely helpful and supportive during this process.”


I attended monthly online sessions with Michael. I resolved the following symptoms with my treatment..joint and muscle pain, Insomnia, bloating.

I highly recommend Michael as an expert you can rely on to figure out the essentials necessary to resolve your health problems.


Before beginning Neurofeedback I was experiencing substantial stress/anxiety. By chance I heard about Neurofeedback and it’s benefits. From the first conversation with Michael he was extremely friendly and informative. Despite this obviously I was still anxious about beginning treatment but immediately after my first session I felt slightly calmer and 100% knew this was going to be a life changing journey. 6 months later my stress/anxiety levels are better than they’ve ever been, my sleep in much improved and I am a much more positive, happy person.


I decided to give Neurofeedback a go, as I was very low in confidence and used to get extremely stressed about trivial everyday stuff. I did approximately 25 sessions with Micheal and found that my confidence and resilience improved noticeably from when I started. In my experience Neurofeedback is a useful tool in improving your mental health.

I could feel the cloud lifting.
Shirley, Cork


I have been suffering from Longcovid symptoms for over a year. My symptoms include insomnia, heightened anxiety and headaches.

I started the neurofeedback system a couple of months ago. While I was sceptical at first I now have no doubt that the system has reduced my symptoms. The treatment itself is an extremely relaxing experience lasting 33 minutes and the positive effects of the treatment build up over time. I first noticed that my headaches had reduced in intensity and frequency. With time my sleep has improved.

The Neurofeedback system is an integral part of my recovery path.


My son JP was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome along with ADHD and ADD. JP was struggling with his emotions, his social activity and mostly his behaviour. Every day was like walking on egg shells wondering what would trigger JP, where he would physically lash out at me, other people or objects. He broke 3 televisions in the space of 6 months whilst having a meltdown.

I used to describe this as JP in the red mist, it was when he couldn’t control his actions and it was not only scary for me but very scary for JP.

Since attending sessions with Michael, the red mist has faded. JP is able to discuss how he is feeling and rather than lash out he calms himself down. He is able to attend a full day at school which until meeting Michael he was only doing 2 hours of a full day in senior infants.

JP has made friends and his focus in school had meant that he is now integrating from his ASD unit to mainstream class for a certain length of the day and from September on he has been given the probability of being in mainstream full time.

I don’t believe this would have been achieved in such a short period of time had JP not attended his sessions with Micheal. I have my loving boy back and that alone is worth more to me than anything.


We have been using Neurofeedback with Michael at Mindbodied for a about 7 months now. We rented a home machine and also attend sessions in clinic. I myself found it greatly helped my sleep, now sleeping so much better than ever & also helped me to gain great clarity on my life. For my children, we are using neurofeedback mainly for high anxiety levels related to being on the autism spectrum.

Neurofeedback has really helped to reduce their anxiety, given them clarity in their behaviours and hugely helped their executive planning skills. We would highly recommend neurofeedback with Michael.


Hi Michael, just a quick few lines to thank you for your help with my pains and aches. I feel great since I finished our sessions. A vast improvement in the quality of my life. I am able to do things I haven’t for years and thank you for being so professional, yet welcoming and friendly and understanding.

I would and do recommend you to anyone.

I feel like a new person! It’s been a year since I first started neurofeedback and I have not had a single panic attack.
Magda, Cork.


Since I started my Kinesiology sessions I noticed a lot of improvement in my physical and mental health. I started 6 months ago and I feel so much healthier and aware of what’s going on with my body.

A lovely person to talk to, he will make you feel 100% comfortable and relaxed whatever problem you’re dealing with.


I attended the Mindbodied Clinic for Sinus issues. Michael used both Kinesiology and NES Health Bioenergetics programme to help with the Sinus issues. The results are my Sinuses have vastly improved and my overall health has improved tremendously. My mental clarity has also vastly improved.

I would highly recommend Michael as he is both forward-thinking and very professional. He is also genuinely interested in helping the client to achieve excellent health.


On 22nd Feb 2017 I had a fall off my bicycle. I sustained a head injury (swelling on the left-hand side of the brain) and a severe concussion. I had a loss of consciousness for 5-6 hours. As a result of my injuries, I suffered from Post-Concussion Syndrome that had a lot of side effects that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!

Side effects are:

Physical symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • A feeling of sickness.
  • Double or blurred vision.            

Emotional and behavioural symptoms:

  • Being easily irritable and aggressive
  • Feeling anxious easily
  • Personality changes
  • Having sudden out bursts of emotion

Problems with mental processing (called cognitive symptoms):

  • Difficulty in remembering things

All of the above I have suffered from. My main problem I had was memory loss which bought on my anxiety that I could not deal with! For example:  I could not remember a persons name that I would be working with or my neighbour that I know very well? I would be talking to that person face to face and not know their name. 

So I started challenging  myself by trying to remember things from years ago which made me a lot worse, so I had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks brought on by all of this. I  went to the doctor and he informed me that I was suffering from Post-concussion syndrome and that it is common with my head injury. He gave me Xanax tablets which was only helping me relax for a while and not helping my long term recovery and I did not want to go on anti-depression tablets.

I knew that I would get through this, but it would take a lot of time and patience, and I didn’t have any!

I went to see Michael. He put me through a course of Kinesiology and Neurofeedback Brain training sessions as part of the Mindbodied programme. Even after the first Kinesiology session I felt a little calmer when my memory failed me, but I knew still I had a long way to go. I went twice a week to Michael both for Kinesiology and Neurofeedback Brain training, and after at least 5 weeks I was feeling a lot better. I am now 6 months on and able to cope with my short term memory loss, and I do not suffer from anxiety anymore.


A previous sufferer of panic attacks, anxiety and PTSD now free of symptoms.

Highly recommend neurofeedback by Alison.

I’ve suffered since I was a child with panic attacks, hypervigilance, the most terrifying nightmares, anxiety, and PTSD.  These are just a few of the symptoms I was experiencing. I spent almost 7 years trying to get help through traditional talk therapy and holistic treatments, leaving me feeling hopeless. I had accepted that I would have to deal with this for the rest of my life – that I would have to battle it forever and try to protect my loved ones from it until Alison introduced me to neurofeedback.

In a few months of this non-invasive treatment, I feel like a new person! It’s been a year since I first started neurofeedback and I have not had a single panic attack, I sleep much better I look at the world differently now. I am able to keep my emotions under control, learn new skills and handle stress better than ever before. Everyone around me has noticed a difference whether or not they knew about my struggles. Quite frankly, it’s the best thing I could have done for myself and I am so excited. 

It is such a gift to be free from all of those symptoms and to be relaxed and looking forward to life.

I am eternally grateful to Alison, who is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met.  She is a very kind, competent and knowledgeable therapist,  and is wholly committed to healing people.


We rented the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback system originally for two of our children who needed help with behavioural issues.  The whole family ended up using it and we really did have some great benefits.  We feel like it took the stress levels of the house down a few notches. 

Personally I feel like it gave my brain a super power I never knew it had, in practical terms it feels like my brain just works better and I don’t perceive stressful events in the same way anyway.  Everything is just much smoother. We loved it and will get it again for a top-up!

Thanks to Michael for all his help and guidance, you couldn’t ask for a nicer guy. 


At the end of May 2020,the mental anguish I had been suffering as a result of Covid- 19 engulfed my whole body.I ended up having a mini-stroke. Following my release from hospital the anxiety I felt manifested itself in numerous ways -couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t cook a meal, driving became impossible. I had an all-day brain fog-it was like I was run over by a train. I was suffering total burnout.

I tried a number of different treatments but to no avail-I was utterly frustrated. However, I continued to research for potential treatments and I came across Mindbodied and Michael Mulcahy……it was my lucky day.

I started with Michael in Nov.2020 and immediately immersed myself in the Mindbodied program. The combination of Neurofeedback, Kinesiology, Body Energy System scanning technology and Michael’s re-assuring personality, I found hugely beneficial.

I found myself improving significantly within 3 weeks and by Xmas I had virtually returned to normal-back driving, cooked the Xmas dinner and became a far more relaxed individual.

I found the whole experience invigorating and I will be forever grateful to Michael for his technical ability, emotional support and understanding.I continue to attend a session every three weeks.