Stress, you don’t see it, you feel it.

Long term stress isn’t just bad for you, it’s deadly.

The pressure you feel is building, you’re overwhelmed with all the things you have to do, at home and at work. 

The weekend can’t come soon enough so you’re away from the pressure cooker of life and you can drink a few more beers to forget about the week. 

Your health is suffering, you’re taking more days off due to colds and flu, and you’re very close to burn out. 

Missing days at work, reaching for another glass of wine, unable to sleep, snapping at your friends, work colleges and family. 

You’ve accepted stress as a normal part of life, but it’s now showing up as panic attacks, normal situations are overwhelming and you’re ready to explode.

Dealing with stress takes a holistic approach; let’s do this together.

When you deal with your stress, you can see the good in life again. You feel calm, at peace and ready to dive back into life fully. 

You feel prepared for when stress is starting to rise, and you’ll have the tools to deal with it quickly and effectively. You have clear boundaries and have the confidence to say “no” when things aren’t right for you. 

The freedom you will experience is life-changing. You will feel enthusiastic about taking on new and exciting challenges like going for that promotion or start living your passions.

The Mindbodied Wellness Programme, helping to Reduce Your Stress


Feel in control of your time, instead of time controlling you.


When you are dealing with stress in your life, it can be very draining on your health. It is estimated that 92% of all illnesses are related to stress. In today’s society, stress has now been accepted as a normal part of daily life. We all need a little bit of stress in our life, the positive stress called Eustress. Positive stress helps us to stay motivated, work towards goals, during exercise to help physical health and it is important for our well-being. 

However, Distress is what we do not want in our life. Constantly feeling overwhelmed, workload is too much to handle, constantly feeling drained, feeling irritated and frustrated and snapping easily at family or work colleagues.  This is why you need to build up resilience in your body to deal better with the daily stressors you may have in your life.


How does the programme help Reduce your Stress?


The Neuroptimal Neurofeedback brain training is helping to regulate your nervous system. This is helping your Brain and Nervous system to be more resilient and robust to daily stressors in your life. You will then be able to respond in a more calm and relaxed manner. You will be able to see things clearer and move with more flow and ease through your daily activities.

When your body is going through stress and anxiety our nutritional needs increase. The consequences of having high levels of cortisol pumping through the body include; unbalanced blood sugars, poor digestion, and needing more vitamins such as B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc. Stress is putting a drain on your health. Just like with sleep and anxiety issues, Kinesiology is helping to identify what organs or glands in your body need nutritional support, helping support that body part in it’s day to day functioning. 

Again just like with Sleep and Anxiety issues, the Body Energy Scanning Technology is taking a deep dive into the inner workings of your body, right down to the cellular level. Constant stress held in your body can have a major impact on how well your cells function. The cells make up the different organs, glands, bones and muscle tissues in your body.  It shows where your body needs to be fine tuned. It reveals where energy levels for different areas of your body is not optimal. Where there are energy blockages in your body and how trapped emotions may be related to issues in your life, including the negative thinking that can be associated with stress.

It then shows the top 5 areas in your body that are needing fine tuning, through work in the session and infoceuticals you take daily, related to those specific top 5 body areas.


We’ve made it easy for you to get the support you need to Reduce your Stress.

The Mindbodied Wellness Programme, helping to Reduce your Stress includes:

Two Kinesiology Sessions


Your body has all the answers, Kinesiology is how we discover them.

Three NES Body Energy System Scans

You are a powerhouse of energy, optimise it.

Ten NeurOptimal Sessions

Training your brain for optimum performance.