Nutritional Consultations

Your health journey begins with the basics, nutrition.


How it works.

Your Nutritional Consultation is an hour and a half with Alison. 

During this time, we will go over your past health history, current overall health and your health issue/challenge. 

We will then go through your current eating habits and lifestyle. 

Alison will then make recommendations on how to improve your current eating habits and lifestyle. We will ensure your bespoke plan is at a pace that works best for you. 

If supplements are required, Alison will give you recommendations during this session. or else she will email them a few days later after more research.

Nutritional Follow-up Consultations

Your follow-up sessions are the time to discuss what’s going well and maybe not so well. 

If you are feeling there is some resistance or you’re facing a challenge we can discuss these. We want to ensure you’re getting the support you require.

We will work together to break down any barriers bit by bit, have fun with them, experiment and identify the next steps to take. 

You will receive support via text or email in between consultations to answer questions that may arise.

Alison helped me understand what my real issues were with weight loss and helped me solve the problem at the root. She taught me how to take care of myself and thanks to her I'm finally free from my thyroid medication and am much stronger and fitter.

How it is:

Lack of Sleep, Stress, Anxiety or Panic attacks are some of the biggest issues affecting people’s daily and family life. Life can be so busy we don’t get time for self-care, for our own healing, making our own health a priority. This can be to our own detriment.

If we don’t look after our own health, how can we truly give ourselves to help others and sustain it? Something is going to break, it’s only a matter of when.

I’m Michael, I suffered from severe anxiety for nearly 30 years and now I am confident, grateful, and embracing life’s challenges with a completely different mindset and with greater ease.

Self-care is my first priority. This allows me to give more of myself to my family and clients.

What I offer to my clients is what has helped me become who I am now, anxiety free and appreciating what life gives me everyday.


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