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by | Jan 2, 2022 | Health & Wellness

Neurofeedback Rental

When looking for a Neurofeedback rental system, there are many options for people. Two of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing to rent Neurofeedback Systems is, it’s ease of use and getting results that last.

This is where a NeurOptimal rental system is ahead of the rest. At Mindbodied we have several NeurOptimal rental systems that we have been renting to our happy clients for several years. We have been using NeurOptimal Neurofeedback systems in our clinics since 2016, achieving great results for clients.

Neurofeedback Therapy

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is based on Dynamical Neurofeedback Technology. This is why it is not considered a Neurofeedback Therapy, like the older Linear Neurofeedback systems. It is a training system that supports your brain to function more better for you. It’s like a gym session for your brain.

Dynamical Neurofeedback® is designed to take advantage of the brain’s natural learning processes by encouraging it to function as originally designed, helping your brain to function more efficiently and effectively in its own unique way. 

Older Linear Neurofeedback systems that target specific parts of the brain, pushing the brain in a specific direction, are considered a Therapy. However, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is working with the whole brain, simply providing your brain and central nervous system with information about what it is about to do, and this allows your brain to self regulate in its own unique way that is best for you. It is not targeting any specific area of the brain or treating any specific condition you may have.

Ease of use

The Neuroptimal Neurofeedback system is designed to be easy to use. Once the computer system is turned on, you click on the NeurOptimal head icon to start the Neurofeedback software. Then, there are 5 sensors to connect. 2 sensors on the right ear, 1 sensor on the left ear and 2 sensors on the scalp, as shown in the pictures in this article.

Neurofeedback Ireland

Once the sensors are connected, you then double click on the users name and the Neurofeedback session is started.

You then just sit back and relax for 33 minutes while the Neuroptimal Neurfeedback session runs. During the session you will be listening to calm and very relaxing music. The feedback to your brain is through the music you are listening too.

Neurofeedback for children

When running a NeurOptimal Neurofeedback session for children, instead of the child listening to music, they can watch a cartoon or movie. The feedback to the child’s brain is through the audio of the cartoon or movie they are watching. The duration of the session is also 33 minutes for children.


Results that Last

This could be the game changer in your life when it comes to dealing with sleep issues, reducing stress and managing anxiety.  As the NeurOptimal rental system, is a Dynamical Neurofeedback technology that work with the whole brain and nervous system, people see improvements in many area’s of their life.

With 20 years of research and development and over 4 million hours of use worldwide, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is an advanced, non-invasive, proven, safe and effective neurofeedback brain training system, with long lasting results.

Over our lifetime when we encounter physical, mental, or emotional traumas, our Brain/Central Nervous System develops survival patterns(which were effective at the time) to keep us safe, but not necessarily optimal.

When we encounter situations that could trigger this trauma, unconsciously these survival patterns will be replayed, (the panic or anxiety attack, feelings of fear or overwhelm) even though they are painful. This is done simply because the Brain/Central Nervous system’s primary task is to survive, which it did at least once before in the past (i.e when that pattern was 1st learned).   

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is giving information back to the brain on the limitation of these survival patterns and that they do not serve the person well anymore. That there is a new and better way of being (i.e, in a calmer and relaxing state), and over time these external triggers do not cause panic or anxiety attacks, feelings of fear, or overwhelm anymore. Meaning you can enjoy your life like you deserve. Like we all deserve.

Next Step

To rent a NeurOptimal Neurofeedback rental system for you, your family or your business, you can contact Mindbodied on or call 089 237 6673. We usually recommend a 2 month rental of the system for longer lasting results. Sometimes clients rent for longer or shorter periods.

When using the system, the number of sessions is unlimited. This is why it is more cost effective for several people to use the system when renting. The cost for the 1st month(30 day period) is €800 and for all following months (30 day period) €700.

Mindbodied will provide all the training you need to use the system. We will also contact you on a regular basis during your rental period, checking in to see how you are doing and answer any questions that may come up for you.

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