NES Body Energy System Scan

Your body knows how to heal.


How it works.

Just like Kinesiology, we access the information held in your body on how it needs to heal also using advanced state of art body energy scanning technology. 

During a session, you will place your hand on a scanning device for about 20 seconds. It is much like a computer mouse and the software will run, scanning your body’s energy field. This then gives a graphical representation on a computer screen of your energy field. 

The scan will reveal where your energy levels are low for the different organs in your body, where there are energy blockages in the flow of information in your body, what emotions may be affecting your health and much more. 

We will then use a P.E.M.F device (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Device) called a miHealth. These completely painless devices work with the naturally occurring electromagnetic field of your body. 

You can see the device at work in this short video.

This non-invasive device is used to clear energy blocks as reported in the body energy system scan. There will then be between 3-5 infoceuticals recommended that will help to correct the energy levels and emotional blockages that are showing as priorities in the scan. 

Infoceuticals contain filtered water and micro-minerals, and they’re imprinted with specially modulated photons under a high-voltage electrostatic charge. They work with your body to deliver exactly what your body requires in a way that is optimal for uptake. 

These infoceuticals will be taken on a daily basis for four weeks. 

On the fourth week, your next scan will be done to identify what are the next areas in your body that need support.

I could feel the cloud lifting.

Shirley, Cork