Your Self-care Energy System Scan

NES Health Wellness System

When it comes to health, bioenergetics goes beyond chemistry, to look more deeply into root causes by exploring energy and the energy fields that control it.


This gives us insights into where the body needs support, so we can work to correct it rather than just suppressing symptoms. This also lets us explore the realm where consciousness interacts with physical reality, giving us insights into how stress and emotions affect our health.



With the NES Health software, we look at these details of the body’s true control system:

  • How it’s interacting with its environment
  • How well powered it is
  • How well communication is taking place for both everyday health and for healing processes
  • How it’s impacted by stress and traumas, and where this may be affecting the body
  • How well it’s recognizing and responding to nutrients and toxins


Your health. Made visible.

While this is not a medical assessment, most people are astonished by its accuracy and insights. Results focus not on disease, but on where improvements can be made, and this is achieved through lifestyle choices as well as bioenergetic technology and remedies.

Prepare to see a holistic assessment of your health — on your computer screen, in full colour.


It’s all in your voice

The NES Health system uses advanced state of the art voice character recognition technology and traditional Chinese medical meridians, as a base for its assessment. It then adds quantum physics and complex coding to determine the energy blockages within your body, what area’s of your body have low energy levels, and where emotions may be affecting your health. The scan even prioritizes the most problematic blockages, that way we can tackle the most imminent health issues first.

All from the comfort of your own home!


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While waiting for your scan, please use and enjoy the many amazing FREE benefits your account gives you. To get you started, click the link below to review an article that talks about the amazing benefits of Sound Healing. Please use the links in the article to some of my favourite tracks, that use Binaural Beats to bring your body into a relaxed and healing state:

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