Letting go of the anxious feelings

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Health & Wellness

Ever feel anxious when talking to somebody and make an excuse to leave, just so that they do not see how anxious we are?

Have anxious thoughts before going into a meeting about all the possible things that could go wrong?

The quite one in a group of friends and not making your voice heard in conversations due to anxiety? 

Many of us may struggle at times with Stress, Anxiety, or not feeling the best in ourselves. We face difficult challenges on a daily basis that we may struggle with. However, when we suffer from Anxiety, these moments can control our life, I know, I have been there in my life.

These kinds of situations may seem trivial to most people, however when we suffer from anxiety, these small everyday occurrence, can have a major impact on a persons daily life. Even controlling our lives to the extent that we avoid these situations, preferring to be the quite voice in the crowd, hoping nobody will notice us.


Here’s what one client had to say who was having anxiety attacks after falling from a bike: “I went twice a week to Mindbodied, both for Kinesiology and Neurofeedback Brain training, and after at least 5 weeks I was feeling a lot better”.


The bodied reaction

When a person is anxious, this can cause stress in their body, releasing a whole load of hormones into the body. If this stress is rarely happening, then the person’s body will use up these hormones. However if the body is under constant stress, these hormones will continually be released. This is not good for a person’s body, as it may start to cause inflammation.

This is how my life was for nearly 24 years, on a daily basis. I was always anxious about people seeing me anxious. It was a vicious circle, if I though they saw me anxious, I would get even more anxious.


When I discovered Kinesiology and then later Neurofeedback brain training, my life started to change for the better. These 2 tools have changed my life.

A parents experience with this was “Her anxiety has improved greatly, she still gets a bit anxious but its nothing like it used to be”.

Calming the body

A simple technique to help calm a person when anxious is to use your breadth. Taking slow deep breaths. Ensure that the out breath is longer then the in-breath. When you take short breaths in, you are stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, which is more associated with the body’s fight-or-flight response. Slow longer breaths out, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is associated with being in a more calm state.

Breathe in for 4 seconds and out for 6 seconds for 3 minutes. This is also very important when you are eating. If a person is in constant stress it affects the digestive system. Before you eat, breath in for 4 and out for 6 until you feel in a calm state. This will help with the digestion of your food.


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A healthy mind, A healthy body, A healthy Life!