Kinesiology Muscle Testing.

Your body has all the answers.


Your body has all the answers.

Your body holds information about what has happened in your life, like stressful events, physical injuries, mental or emotional traumas you may have experienced. It also holds information on how your body can heal and what area needs support, helping you to function more efficiently and effectively in your daily life.

At Mindbodied, we use Kinesiology muscle testing, which is an amazing tool, that allows us to access this information held in your body.  

During a session, you will lay on a comfortable therapy table and your arm will be placed in a specific position to start the session. 

We then apply gentle pressure on your arm. Your arm will either not move/lock or move/unlock. 

When your arm does not move/lock, this is considered positive feedback from your body. If your arm moves/unlocks, then this is considered negative feedback from your body.

Then the next part of the session is touching different points on your body. We will talk you through exactly what is happening, where pressure will be applied and ask for your permission before we proceed.

These points on your body are related to the different organs and glands, i.e. your liver, lungs, thyroid, pineal gland etc. 

We will do some muscle testing at the same time and if this area is under stress, it will cause your arm to move/unlock. This indicates that the specific area needs support. 

Based on this information and using Kinesiology muscle testing, we can identify exactly which vitamin, mineral or herb may be needed to support your specific body part and how long you need to take that supplement for.

You can see how Kinesioogy Muscle Testing is done in the below video: