Neurofeedback Brain Training in the comfort of your home.

Special Wellbeing Friday Offer!!


  • Improve Sleep, Focus and Concentration
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Feel more Calm and Relaxed


Rent a Home Neurofeedback Brain Training system to help You, Your Family and Friends for an investment of only €700 a month with unlimited sessions. Usually €920 a month.


To avail of this offer, please call the Mindbodied Team on 0892376673.

Over the phone they will evaluate if renting a Home Neurofeedback Brain Training System is the correct fit for you and your family.


If no system is available, a €50 deposit can be made to hold this amazing offer for you and your family and you will be added to the waiting list.

Offer valid until Friday 3rd December 2021

Train the whole family or with friends.

Pay once and get the system for a whole month to train whomever you wish.

Use in the comfort of your own home.

The NeurOptimal Neurofeedback System is easy to use at home.

Travel with the System

Hiring the NeurOptimal System is perfect for using when you travel.

How difficult is it to run a session?

It’s as simple as…

  1. Clipping five sensors to your ears and scalp.
  2. Turning on the computer.
  3. Opening the program and hitting Start!

In other words – you can do this!

We will provide all the training you need to be able to run sessions successfully.

What if something goes wrong or I can’t figure it out?

We’re only an email or phone call away! Any trouble you have, we’re more than happy to work through it. In fact, we’ll probably touch base with you anyway at some point. We love helping people and are eager to hear how your sessions are going!

And to give you some idea, we’ve created a tutorial video on how to do a perfect sensor hookup for your training.

How long is the rental period?

We rent our equipment on a 30-day basis, and you only have to make a one-month commitment.

How many sessions will I need?

Most people start to feel something is happening within their first six sessions, and even as early as one or two. Your results will vary depending on how your brain adapts and uses the information that NeurOptimal is giving it. You may find yourself experiencing significant and lasting changes within your first twelve sessions.

The more sessions you run, the more results you can expect to get.

Can I extend my contract time?

Yes, you may be able to extend your rental at the end of the month, depending on availability. We can discuss this once you are nearing the end of your contract.

We rented the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback system originally for two of our children who needed help with behavioural issues. The whole family ended up using it and we really did have some great benefits. We feel like it took the stress levels of the house down a few notches. Personally I feel like it gave my brain a super power I never knew it had, in practical terms it feels like my brain just works better and I don’t perceive stressful events in the same way anymore. Everything is just much smoother. We loved it and will get it again for a top-up! Thanks to Michael for all his help and guidance, you couldn’t ask for a nicer guy.

Lisa, Wicklow

The NeurOptimal Neurofeedback System can be used for:


NeurOptimal® is an advanced brain training that optimises brain functioning. This can include greater cognitive acuity, restful sleep, improved learning and focus, reduced performance anxiety, greater resilience and brain flexibility and generally higher performance.



NeurOptimal® promotes a general sense of wellbeing, positive mental outlook, being able to remain present and a sense of being calm and relaxed more often. It is increasingly being used by business executives for resilience and stress management. It can enhance self-esteem and promote a positive outlook.


Many people have reported that NeurOptimal® enables them to be in the “zone” more often. Because it sharpens the brain, makes you more at ease and enables you to be “present” it is applicable equally to business people, sportspeople, and people in creative professions such as writers, musicians, designers.


NeurOptimal® improves focus, concentration and cognitive acuity, as well as overall learning. This makes it popular with students and academics seeking to have improved exam results or have a competitive edge.


NeurOptimal® can make personal development and transformation effortless. This unique technology can unlock our inner potential, return us to the present moment and experience life in new and fresh ways. It can be used in conjunction with coaching and meditation practices.


NeurOptimal® can help to prevent cognitive decline alongside other healthy lifestyle choices. It can preserve and enhance memory and support mental dexterity. Generally, it helps to support brain, physical and emotional fitness.

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