Don’t have energy like before?

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Health & Wellness

Now I know why!

Suffering from Digestive problems? Regularly feeling Bloated or suffering from Constipation? Getting Headaches/Migraines on a regular basis? Suffering from Fatigue daily and no longer having the energy to do things you used to enjoy?

These are just some of the health concerns clients present at my clinic with. Many people are suffering long term from these types of conditions, and when all else fails, turn to alternative methods. This is where Kinesiology can help to improve a persons general health and wellbeing.

The following is a comment from a parent: “He used to get very constipated a lot and since he started to take the supplement after the Kinesiology session, he is a lot better.”

Through Kinesiology we can identify what area in a persons body may be under stress and what needs to be done to help that part of the body to recover, enhancing the persons health.

Kinesiology works with the persons energetic healing system. It uses gentle muscle testing to identify what area of a person’s body needs support, to help with healing and improving their digestive health.

During a Kinesiology session, the client will lay on a comfortable table and the Kinesiologist will place there arm in a specific position. The Kinesiologist will then apply gentle pressure on the arm. The muscle in the arm that is being tested will either hold firm (lock) or move (unlock). When the muscle locks, it is considered positive feedback and when it unlocks it can be considered negative feedback. Then by touching different points on the clients body, that can be related to the Stomach, Kidneys, Liver, Small intestines, Large intestines, Thyroid or Hormonal System and doing a muscle test at the same time, if there is a stress in this area, it can cause the muscle to unlock. Then the Kinesiologist knows this is the area in the persons body that needs to be supported, to help their digestive system health.

Based on this information, the Kinesiologist can identify if the person needs a vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement to help relieve the stress in the area identified. This then has the positive benefit of improving the persons health and wellbeing.

The health of the digestive system is very important for a persons overall wellbeing. Taking a good quality probiotic on a daily basis can help to improve the digestive system. Reducing the amount of sugar in your diet, will also help as a high amount of sugar in a person’s body can cause inflammation in the body.

A Healthy Mind, A Healthy Body, A Healthy Life!