Change our thoughts, Change our Life

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Health & Wellness

Do you find yourself responding in negative ways to daily situations, or you’re working very hard to try to change something in your life and it’s a struggle?


95% of what we play out in our daily life, is from the programs in our subconscious mind. Whether these are positive or negative programs, they are coming from our subconscious mind. These programs are our daily experiences, positive or negative experiences. Most likely these programs were programmed in our subconscious in the 1st seven years of our life.


These are the programs that may be holding you back in your life, however they can be changed.


Time to re-program

To reprogram your subconscious mind, the best time to do this is going to sleep at night time. You are going into the lower brain frequencies, and this is when you can access the subconscious mind. This is when you can reprogram the programs that are running your life.


Whatever behaviours you want to change in your daily life, like anxiety, feelings of overwhelm, fears of something, these can all be changed. 


Focus on how you want to feel or what you want to feel in situations you find difficult or challenging on a daily basis. Like a situation where you feel overwhelmed. 


How would you like to feel in these situations instead? 


Do you want to feel calm and confident? 


Do you want to find it easy to deal with your exams instead of feeling overwhelmed? 


Or a work situation, do you get overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do, does this then cause stress for you? 


Change your thoughts!!! I am finding it easy to deal with my workload. I am  moving through my workload with ease and calm.


Anxiety: I am now calm and relaxed when talking to people. 


These are the types of affirmations you want to repeat to yourself while going to sleep. Always affirm the positives of the situation. Never say the negatives. 


Example, NEVER say: I am no longer overwhelmed by my workload. This is affirming the negative.


SAY: I am moving through my workload easily and calmly. 


To create your affirmations, do the following:


1. Write down all the negative patterns you are experiencing in your daily life. 

2. Write down how you want to feel and think in these situations instead.

3. Change what you want to feel and think into an affirmation and write it down.

4. Always start your affirmation with “I am”

           example: I am moving through my workload easily and calmly

                           I am now calm and relaxed when talking to people

                           I am now enjoying my work

                           I am now feeling calm and confident talking to people

                           I am now calm and confident speaking in front of people

5. Once you have all your affirmations written down for any situation you want to change in your life, now make a recording of you saying all of  them. You can use voice memos on your phone for this.

6. You can repeat each affirmation several times in the recording, i.e. repeat each affirmation 5 times.

7. While recording yourself saying the affirmations, have deep calming music playing in the background, so that it is picked up in the recording. The following are healing tones called Solfeggio tones you can use:

8. Play these recordings while going to sleep every night. Use headphones.

IMPORTANT!!: Do not use bluetooth headphones, Ensure to turn your phone to airplane mode if using it to play the recordings. Use basic earplug headphones to listen to the recordings. Click here to learn why


9. Burn the paper you wrote your negative experience down on, you no longer want to hold onto these.


These affirmations need to be played every night for several weeks. As the weeks progress and you find changes in your life, you may want to adjust the affirmations, so you may need to make new affirmations.


The programs we are playing 95% of our waking daily life, have been there for many years. Accept it is going to take some time to change these programs. And stick with it. 


Below is a video from Dr Bruce Lipton, who specialises in this type of subconscious mind reprogramming. I highly recommend you listen to it.

A Healthy Mind, A Healthy Body, A Healthy Life!