Anxiety, when your mind won’t switch off.

You’re overwhelmed from always being on high alert.

Something feels off but you can’t quite put your finger on it. The general unease you feel is growing and is affecting your relationships, your work and your life.

You re-run conversations, your mind is racing at night and you feel nervous around people. You stop yourself from speaking up in case you look foolish. 

Doing anything outside of your routine is stressful, and the smallest things become big things. 

Anxiety is leaving you tired, drained, held back and frustrated with life.

It’s time to take control and start living again.

Life becomes easy. The tasks you thought were overwhelming, you now do without hesitation. You feel empowered to take on new opportunities. You feel comfortable in yourself and are more confident to try new things. Meeting new people is easy and you speak up for yourself without hesitation. 

Panic-attacks are a thing of the past. You’re thriving, not just surviving. New places and experiences excite you instead of filling you full of dread. 

You’re calm, happy and at peace. You’ll even sleep better!

The Mindbodied Wellness Programme, helping to Manage Your Anxiety 


Start truly living in the moment, not in your head.


Anxiety can be so crippling to your life. The constant fear of situations, always thinking the worst, replaying things over and over in your mind. Unknowingly, this is re-enforcing the anxiety response in your body. 

Over your lifetime, if you encounter physical, mental, or emotional traumas, your Brain/Central Nervous System develops survival patterns(which were effective at the time) to keep you safe, but not necessarily optimal.

When you encounter situations that could trigger this trauma, unconsciously these survival patterns will be replayed, (the panic or anxiety attack, feelings of fear or overwhelm) even though they are painful. This is done simply because the Brain/Central Nervous system’s primary task is to survive, which it did at least once before in the past (i.e when that pattern was 1st learned).   


How does the programme help Manage your Anxiety?


NeurOptimal Neurofeedback brain training is giving information back to your brain on the limitation of these survival patterns and that they do not serve you well anymore. That there is a new and better way of being (i.e, in a calmer and relaxing state), and over time these external triggers do not cause you panic or anxiety attacks, feelings of fear, or overwhelm anymore. This then can feel like getting your freedom back, freedom to do the things you want to do, things that Anxiety stopped you from doing before. 

When your body is going through anxiety and stress our nutritional needs increase. The consequences of having high levels of cortisol pumping through the body include; unbalanced blood sugars, poor digestion, and needing more vitamins such as B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc. Like Stress, constant Anxiety is putting a drain on your health. Just like with Sleep and Stress issues, Kinesiology is helping to identify what organs or glands in your body need nutritional support, helping support that body part in it’s day to day functioning. 

Again just like with Sleep and Stress issues, the Body Energy Scanning Technology is taking a deep dive into the inner workings of your body, right down to the cellular level. Constant stress held in your body can have a major impact on how well your cells function. The cells make up the different organs, glands, bones and muscle tissues in your body.  It shows where your body needs to be fine tuned. It reveals where energy levels for different areas of your body is not optimal. Where there are energy blockages in your body and how trapped emotions may be related to issues in your life, including the negative thinking that can be associated with stress.

It then shows the top 5 areas in your body that are needing fine tuning, through work in the session and infoceuticals you take daily, related to those specific top 5 body areas.


We’ve made it easy for you to get the support you need to Manage your Anxiety.

The Mindbodied Wellness Programme, helping to Manage your Anxiety includes:

Two Kinesiology Sessions

Your body has all the answers, Kinesiology is how we discover them.

Three NES Body Energy System Scans

You are a powerhouse of energy, optimise it.

Ten NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Sessions

Training your brain for optimum performance.