Aine’s Journey

Join us in following Aine’s Journey as she embarks on a healing transformation using Neuroptimal Neurofeedback at Mindbodied. Aine’s 11-part video series is a personal account of the highs, lows and breakthrough moments of using Neurofeedback for 15 weeks.

If you are considering Neurofeedback, then Aine’s story will provide an indication of what to expect. Enjoy!

Part 1
Q: How did you hear about Michael from Mindbodied and Neurofeedback?

Aine was diagnosed with a neurological disorder in January 2021. She talks about all of her therapies and why Michael and Mindbodied were recommended.

Part 2

Q: How was Aine before she start Neuroptimal Neurofeedback sessions?

As Neuroptimal Neurofeedback is in many ways an unknow technology in Ireland, people can be apprehensive on taking it up. Aine was one of these people, however that all changed once she start Neuroptimal Neurofeedback session, as she explains in her own words.

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