Aine’s Journey

Join us in following Aine’s Journey as she embarks on a healing transformation using Neuroptimal Neurofeedback at Mindbodied. Aine’s 11-part video series is a personal account of the highs, lows and breakthrough moments of using Neurofeedback for 15 weeks.

If you are considering Neurofeedback, then Aine’s story will provide an indication of what to expect. Enjoy!

Part 1
Q: How did you hear about Michael from Mindbodied and Neurofeedback?

Aine was diagnosed with a neurological disorder in January 2021. She talks about all of her therapies and why Michael and Mindbodied were recommended.

Part 2

Q: How was Aine before she start Neuroptimal Neurofeedback sessions?

Living with a chronic illness can be emotionally and physically draining. However, Aine’s determination to find a way to heal is truly inspiring. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, she refused to give up in her search for answers. Through her discovery of Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, she found new hope and purpose in her journey towards healing.

Part 3

Q: What was the 1st session like for you?

By embracing an open and curious mindset towards Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, Aine has witnessed a remarkable transformation in her mental health. Fourteen sessions into the program, she now feels a sense of inner peace and clarity, allowing her to be fully present in her daily life. She is eager to share her journey with others who may be struggling with similar challenges.

Part 4

Q: How did you test the Neuroptimal Neurofeedback system?

A journey into the unknown for Aine, is how she describes a Neuroptimal Neurofeedback session. When the system detects turbulence in your brain activity, it inserts a pause in the music, which you can hear through the headset. Aine enjoyed testing the system to see if she could create turbulence in her brain activity.

Part 5

Q: Can you describe the highs and lows during Neurofeedback?

Aine’s unwavering trust in the transformative power of Neuroptimal Neurofeedback has brought her one step closer to the heart of her struggles. It’s as if she’s on the cusp of a breakthrough, ready to let go of the emotional baggage that has been holding her back for so long. Through her sessions, Aine has gained a deep understanding of herself and an incredible sense of empowerment. She’s like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, ready to spread her wings and embrace a new, brighter future.

Part 6

Q: Have doubts about the Neuroptimal Neurofeedback sessions come up for you?

Doubts started to creep into Aine’s mind about trusting the process and continuing Neuroptimal Neurofeedback. However after ten Neurofeedback sessions, Aine reached the ‘high’ point; the bubble burst for her. Her trust in the process has paid off.

Part 7

Q: What did it mean for Aine to burst the bubble?

Discover the life-changing power of Neuroptimal Neurofeedback with Aine’s incredible success story. Aine has experienced a remarkable transformation in her mental outlook – transitioning from a negative mindset to one that is positively charged and full of potential. In fact, Aine boldly proclaims that this has been the best week of her life in the past six years! With Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, Aine’s life is finally falling into place, and you too can unlock the same transformative benefits.

Part 8

Q: How do you feel now after 14 sessions of Neuroptimal Neurofeedback?

“Any bad feelings I have are only for the now, they are going to be gone in a minute”. Aine’s newfound ability to be more present in the moment has brought about a significant transformation in her life. Thanks to the remarkable benefits she received from Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, the most noteworthy change that Aine has experienced is in how she approaches various situations.

Part 9

Q: How do you sum up your experience with Neuroptimal Neurofeedback?

“Life changing in a subtle way. Don’t expect it to happen over night, but you might wake up one morning and it may all make a little bit more sense”. That’s why trusting in the process is important with Neuroptimal Neurofeedback sessions, it will be small little changes as Aine explains in her journey.

Part 10

Q: What would you say to a friend thinking about Neuroptimal Neurofeedback to support their health challenges?

Honesty is the best policy, Neuroptimal Neurofeedback may not work so well for everybody. It has helped Aine in ways she did not expect. As she says, “Its a tender way of minding yourself”, “it does not hurt to try it”. Aine highly recommends Neuroptimal Neurofeedback.

Part 11

Q: What positivity has Neuroptimal Neurofeedback given you?

“The me before Neurofeedback had enough”, now Aine is feeling the best she has been in years.