Get To Sleep Faster, Stay Asleep Longer, Feel Refreshed In The Morning

Overcome Insomnia with Proven Strategies, No Matter How Long You’ve Faced Sleep Challenges.

Are you constantly exhausted, spending endless nights trying to fall asleep, wrestling with insomnia? Is the fear of developing a dependency on sleep medication making you anxious and leaving you feeling stuck? I understand what you’re going through, and I’ve found something that could help.


I’m well-acquainted with the toll that poor sleep and related anxieties can take on your day-to-day life, turning every day into a struggle to do well and actually enjoy life. Feeling constantly tired, worrying all the time, and being trapped by your own fears can feel overwhelming.I, too, was in that very same place for nearly three decades.

Does this Sound or Feel like you:
  • Feeling constantly tired and groggy, despite being in bed for hours.
  • Struggling to fall asleep at night, your mind unable to calm down and switch off.
  • Experiencing anxiety and stress due to lack of quality sleep impacting your productivity during the day.
  • Feeling stuck in a cycle of poor sleep and increasing reliance on sleep medication.
  • Worried about the side effects of your sleep medication and the potential of becoming dependent on it.
  • Living in the fear that you might never be able to achieve a natural, restful sleep again.

Conquer Sleepless Nights and Anxiety: Discover the Ultimate Solution!

We have the solution you’ve been desperately seeking. Our groundbreaking Neurofeedback technology is a revolution in the field of sleep and wellbeing. By regulating your brain and nervous system, it empowers you to achieve a state of Relaxation, Deep Sleep, and Rejuvenation that you imagined was never possible.

But that’s not all. Our unique and elaborate combination of wellness technology, including BioEnergetics Body Scan System, Red Light therapy and P.E.M.F. therapy, goes the extra mile, probing deep into your body’s system to unearth the hidden causes that could be contributing to your sleep problems and insomnia. We leave no stone unturned in our tireless pursuit to help you break free from the cycle of sleepless nights.

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Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and revitalized, with a clear mind and a sense of calm. Imagine going about your day with renewed energy and confidence, no longer held back by the chains of sleep issues and anxiety. It’s not just a dream – it’s a reality we can help you achieve.

Don’t let sleep issues and anxiety hold you back any longer. It’s time to take charge of your wellbeing and experience life to its fullest potential. Contact us now to schedule your FREE Consultation and FREE Demo Session. Discover how MindBodied can help you gain the Freedom and Confidence you deserve. You owe it to yourself to live your best life – let us be your partner on this transformative journey.

 Stop Letting Anxiety and Sleeplessness Control You: Break Free from Feeling Trapped, Living in the Past, and Worrying About the Future to Enjoy Quality Sleep and a Renewed Sense of Purpose.

What our Clients Say:

“Neurofeedback with Michael has changed my life. When I met him in August, I could barely work and had extreme difficulty sleeping. After a few sessions I was able to sleep without medication and get a good job. I fell ill with the flu and briefly went back to where I had started with him, after a few sessions I was back to functioning well. I am so thankful for this therapy.”

Laura, Cork

What our Clients Say:

“Life changing experience working with Michael in Mindbodied. I have had several Neurofeedback sessions with him and I now feel incredibly calm, relaxed and in a good mood!”

John, Cork

What our Clients Say:

“Brought my foster daughter to neurofeedback not knowing exactly what it was but was told it would benefit my foster daughter who is selective mute and didn’t show emotions and would freeze up a lot of the time.

The difference it has made to her confidence is absolutely amazing, she now reads in school, started dancing classes and hardly ever freezes up, she is like a different child and has started showing different emotions which is fantastic.

 I would 100% recommend neurofeedback it has worked wonders for my little girl and Michael is great to deal with.”

Sarah, Cork

Are you ready to take the next step?

To have the freedom to enjoy life, instead of being trapped in your mind, insecurities and not feeling safe, triggering your anxiety.

To move through your day with calm and ease and not feel overwhelmed or stressed with the simplest of things.

To drift off to sleep more easily and feel more rested in the morning without the constant overthinking keeping you awake.

A unique approach to connect and befriend your body.

Majella, Cork