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Kids with Anxiety One Mums Journey


Neuroptimal Neurofeedback as recommended recently by a client on Cork’s 96FM The Opinion Line Radio show. Caz tells her story about how Neuroptimal Neurofeedback has helped change her 2 kids lives and overcome their anxiety.


To listen to the recording of the interview, click on the image on the left or CLICK HERE.





How it is:

Lack of Sleep, Stress, Anxiety or Panic attacks are some of the biggest issues affecting people’s daily and family life. Life can be so busy we don’t get time for self-care, for our own healing, making our own health a priority. This can be to our own detriment.

If we don’t look after our own health, how can we truly give ourselves to help others and sustain it? Something is going to break, it’s only a matter of when.

I’m Michael, I suffered from severe anxiety for nearly 30 years and now I am confident, grateful, and embracing life’s challenges with a completely different mindset and with greater ease.

Self-care is my first priority. This allows me to give more of myself to my family and clients.

What I offer to my clients is what has helped me become who I am now, anxiety free and appreciating what life gives me everyday.

wellness technologies

How I help busy parent and professionals feel better


Using advanced state of the art Neuroptimal Neurofeedback wellness technology combined with healing therapy based on ancient healing methods, giving you a truly unique approach to health and wellbeing.

Stress is at the root of up to 92% of all health conditions. When your body is under stress, it is going to be very difficult to heal. With the advancement of technology, now your brain and nervous systems can be regulated better taking you out of the constant stressful state that can be stopping you from healing. 

We can take a deep dive into the internal workings of your body’s energy system and identify what area’s need to be charged up to help you on your healing path.

We can access your subconscious mind to find out what your body needs to heal. Your body has all the answers, now we can access that information to support your health and wellbeing.

Are you ready to take the next step?

To have the freedom to enjoy life, instead of being trapped in your mind, insecurities and not feeling safe, triggering your anxiety.

To move through your day with calm and ease and not feel overwhelmed or stressed with the simplest of things.

To drift off to sleep more easily and feel more rested in the morning without the constant overthinking keeping you awake.

NES Health
A unique approach to connect and befriend your body.

Majella, Cork

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